Goodbye Spain

We had a few nice day in little Lloret de Mar. A lot of rain and cloudy days, but we enjoyed it.

During the days I was exploring with my girls, making sure they didn’t get bored. During the nights I was lazy and and enjoying my loves company with series and takeaway.


I hate saying goodbye! My boyfriend and I just said we should be used to it by now, but I never will be completely.

With two tired little girls, the ride to the airport and the wait for the plane was long. I have to say I didn’t like Barcelona Airport very much. Dirty toilets, no cold drinks to find, too big and way to chaotic.


We barely got on the plane before the little ones were asleep. But that means I got a nice, relaxing flight.


Landing in Norway was a little nightmare this time. We landed half an hour late after circling because of traffic in the air. I wanted to do some shopping in the duty free, but the line was going out of the shop, so I had to give up. With all the luggage in place we were finally out.

The best part with coming to Norway is my little one seeing grandma. As soon as she sees her she starts screaming and running, catching the attention of everyone around. She jumps up in her arms and can’t stop screaming of joy. It’s simple love which makes everyone smile and laugh around.

We arrived late and are still a bit tired, but ready for a fun day inside with the heat from the fireplace while the rain is pouring outside.




Rainy day

Today we woke up to a grey sky and rain. What to do?

Semir had to go to work early, so we started off the day very lazy. Been watching Disney movies and playing cards inside, mostly staying under the blanket. Never knew Spain was this cold!



Staying inside the whole day with two little ones is like being in a cage with a hungry lion. You can’t survive.

After lots of googling, deciding and re-deciding (not sure if that’s even a word), a little nap and some lunch we finally got out of the house!

With the rain still pouring we needed some  indoor activities. A couple hundred meters from our house we found a bowling alley. Not really the best activity for kids that age.


Probably the lowest results ever gotten. But we had a lot of fun! And when we finished the rain was finally over and we could go for a little walk.


Another nice day in Lloret de Mar is over. Now we’re eating ice creams and getting ready for bed. Last day with my love for a while, a little sad of course! And tomorrow it’s back on the plane.

Lloret de Mar

About one hour from Barcelona there is a small city called Lloret de Mar. Popular for tourism, and could use some upgrades in my opinion. But I have to say that I like this city. We have been doing some sightseeing today, walking around in the small streets while my other half was at work.

Everything seems to be within walking distance. It was a cold, cloudy and windy day. We still went to see the beach.


My lovely boyfriend came to meet us for lunch. I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing. The fact that I have never been to a KFC or the fact that this is what we chose for lunch AND I loved it?


I’m proud to say that our sightseeing continued after he went back to work without getting lost and with no gps cheating.

After a few hours with walking and lunch, my girls found paradise! We did some shopping obviously.


Now we are tired after a long, but very nice day. Card games, movies and sweets coming up while we are waiting for Semir.


Morning at 4.30, it’s not even human. I suck at waking up early and my entire life my mother has been calling to wake me no matter how early. Today was no different, she checked of course.

My little ones were super excited!

We had a long flight with no sleep, but it was definitely worth it.

People keep asking me how I dare to travel alone with them. The answer is easy. The times they are behaving their best, no fighting, making no problems is on a plane. I often hear “I expected the worst when I saw kids sitting in front of me, but they were little angels”.
They are used to travelling. Ever since they were babies I have taken them around with me. As long as they have their blankets and tablets we’re all good.

Arriving at the airport turned in to a bit of a nightmare with no idea where to go and how to find our car. Everyone was tired, hungry and in need of toilets. Two hours later we found the place, but the car I booked was gone. This one is a good replacement, so we got a good ending.

And we found our way along the cost, travelling from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar. I’ve never been to Spain mainland before and it was breathtaking. Just amazingly beautiful. And at the end of the day I was finally back in the arms of this handsome guy.


Today has been the last day at work for a while. And believe me, it was a long one!

My little ones have been playing with their best friend all afternoon, a little sad to leave him as always.

I have somehow found the time to go shopping, doing the laundry, enptying the fridge, packing and tidying since I fished work. Our lovely neighbor came to say bye and cooked us dinner. Some spoiling in the middle of the chaos is never wrong. I don’t understand how I would be able to do that too.


I just finished packing! Anyone wanna guess how long we are away for?

Every time I’m going on a plane the weight is an issue. A big issue! You would think I should know how much 20kg feels like by now as I fly pretty much every month. But no! Still scared of checking it in.

Still have some stuff to do during the evening, and I’m sure i forgot something. Like always. I’m probably gonna wake up a few times in panick, completely convinced I overslept as well. Departure 6 am, so wish me luck! Can’t wait

Pyjamas party

My oldest princess asked (read begged) for a sleepover party with her friends. I thought to myself “why not”? At the time I was convinced there was only four girls left in her class, so I suggested to invite them. She was super excited!

With invitations written and the parents informed I asked the school for the list of names to make sure I spelled them right. I was in for a surprise, not four, but six girls! Well, I promised.

So today we spent doing the last preparations. Balloons, food, masks and of course some other shopping.

My bestie Emma has of course been with us, and very helpful!

It has been a very girly night with Disney movies, doing pretend photoshoots, eating lots of sweets, dressing up and playing pretend.

One of the girls brought champagne (for kids of course) and they all think they’re partying for real getting “fizzy”.

We’re all having fun, although I’m starting to wonder how I’m gonna get all of them to sleep in their sugar high! Time will show, but this is truly one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.


It’s not very often I’m overjoyed because it’s weekend. Through my career the weekend has usually been the most busy. I’m obviously not saying nothing is going on this weekend, I don’t think I will ever be able to say that.

But this week has been very long! Long days at my daytime job, lots going on. I have also been trying to sort out some paperwork. In addition to this my little girls have a lot going on, and to top it all my social media world is going beyond crazy. Which I’m happy for, as my goal with this blog is to make it big.


Today has been very practical. A lot of planning going on, lots of great news are ticking in regularly (no, I’m not gonna share any of them yet), done some logistics and studied. I’ve also been thinking about what all of you want to know, read about and so on. I have a blog calendar, but any requests are welcome.

So now I’m very much weekend happy! Right now my youngest princess is already in bed while the other one is chilling in my lap watching Netflix. And I just enjoy. We had a nice afternoon with ice cream and strawberries, and I’m gonna continue with a tasty glass and more strawberries very soon.


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I know I will.