Mum Abroad

About 1,5 years ago I met my beautiful boyfriend. He was working in Turkey at the moment, and I was there on a three months holiday with my lovely two daughters. I had recently ended the relationship with the father of my kids and were most definitely not looking for any new relationship.

For him it was love at first sight. Me, on the other hand, needed some convincing. Every single day for a few weeks he was begging to offer me a drink, take me for dinner, give him my number or the very least sit down with him for a little while. All he got back was simply “No”.

He caught my interest already the first day, but I decided to keep my distance. I was flattered by his efforts and admiring his persistence, and step by step falling without even realising.

One day I finally agreed to sit down and have a drink with him. My interest kept growing the more I realised what a great person he was, and within the next few days we kissed for the very first time. It was the kind of kiss that blows your mind, where you lift your feet and time just stops. All the sudden the only thing in this world was the two of us.

From that moment I was head over heals in love with this man, a kind of love I never knew existed, and that feeling has never faded. 9 days together was all we had left. Our love grew deeper and although all odds were against us, with my visa running out, my life in Norway and his job, we had to take the risk.

One month later he visited in Norway and we decided to move to Tenerife together the next month. And so we did, and here we are. Well, partly, but that´s a story for later.




Welcome to my blog! I will share some of my stories from the past, some of those yet to come, my ups and downs and how life abroad is for a small town girl from Norway. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me.


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