Two little beauties

It´s time for me to introduce my beautiful little girls.

Amelia Marie is turning 6 this year. She´s a confident, outgoing and smart little girl. A real life princess, always loving to dress up and get mum´s makeup on. If she sees a camera she will pose directly.

You wouldn’t believe how much patience a 5- year old can have until you met her. She has an eye for the details and art, and has big dreams for her future. Currently she wants to be a fashion designer and already makes drawings of dresses that I personally would love to wear! She´s the kind of girl that walks in the store gasping “Oh my gosh, mum! You just have to get this”! Yes, it´s gonna be an expensive child eventually.









And then we have the little monkey, Emine Noela. She´s turning 4 this summer and she´s already a real diva. She´s confident and stubborn, and really knows how to work your nerves. She´s the most charming girl I have ever met and she uses that to her advantage. I can’t even count how many times a day she looks at me with big blue eyes “Pleeeease”? It´s nearly impossible to say no to her.

Emine is a real drama queen, always pretending to be Baby Elena, Princess Fiona or a teacher named Elsa, which is her favourite characters lately. Everybody who meets her says she´s gonna be an actress. She´s always putting on a show and loves making people laugh.



My girls are best friends and very addicted to each other. They are supportive and caring, never leaving each other out of the games. But yes, they can also be each others worst enemies.

I have two unique, very different little girls that rules my world. They´re making every single day a gift, and I couldn´t be more proud of them. I love being a mum with everything that comes with it!


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