Do you remember I said we´re partly here? Let me explain.

My boyfriend works with a travel company and therefor works seasonally. We started off with a winter season here in Tenerife. It was supposed to only be 6 months, but we fell in love with this place and were lucky enough to get another year.

So, after the second winter and some holiday, a new summer season is coming up. So is my boyfriends promotion, which includes 6 months on a different destination. What to do? Should I go with him with the kids or not?

After lots of worrying, search for possible solutions, talking and reflecting, we decided that the best option for us all is for me to stay here with the girls. They have their lives here, school, friends. After all, we can make 6 months apart, right?



So here we are, partly, 3/4. Hopefully my love will be sent back to us for the winter, and if not I guess I will have a few more stories to share of our crazy non traditional lifestyle.


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