School vs work

During my time here in Tenerife my boyfriend has, as you know, been working long days in tourism. Meanwhile I´ve been home studying. I´ve taken a year with crisis management, risk analysis, danger plans and so on. Very interesting, and I passed the school year after hours and hours of reading. I´ve been lucky as I was able to do everything online.


I believe there is no better way of studying than doing it under a blue sky in front of the pool, in the shades on the terrace or with the calming noise of the sea in the background. Sometimes I need to pinch myself in the arm, wondering if this amazing life is really mine.

I love learning new things and to study, so I decided to start a new bachelor. I´m currently on my first year of International relations, which includes politics, state history, terrorism, etc, and I can´t put my books down. With everything going on in this world, it could not be more interesting. There is so much cruelty and so much that completely shocks me, but it´s definitely important knowledge.

I will probably spend the rest of my life studying, but enough about that and over to my job.

I recently started working after 1,5 year at home. I work 30 hours a week for an amazing company, Avalon. Avalon is there to inform the community about the funeral system here in Spain, and to help people out of this system offering free
advice and funeral plans.


My job is to talk to the people, find out how much they know of the system, check if they have anything in place for themselves and make sure they get all the advice they need. It can be long days, but I meet so many lovely people and it feels great helping them.

It feels good being back to work. I´m in a great team and it´s nice to get more out of the house, having something other to go to than the beach or the pool (yes, you can actually get tired of that, believe it or not)! It makes me appreciate the time at home a lot more. Of course, to manage kids, school and a job takes a lot of energy, but I love the hectic days!



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