Long distance relationship

As you know, my boyfriend is gone for the summer. So how do we make it work?


The beginning was the easiest. We still knew the dates we were going to see each other. With both of us working it gets more difficult. He has been gone for three months now, but we have still not been apart for more than a few weeks at a time.

When he left it was weird at home, with all the extra closet space and few traces of him. I was scared half to death and expected this distance to be a whole lot worse than it turned out to be.


But yes, it is difficult! Nobody there when you come home, watching movies without the beloved cuddling, the quietness, the constant checking of phones and texts. I don’t think I will ever feel completely comfortable with this situation. Yet, these three months have been flying.

I have always said that long distance relationships never works. Well, maybe I was wrong. It’s nice waking up to a “good morning” text, although I miss waking up to his face and his arms wrapped around me. Facetime is all of the sudden the most important app that ever existed in my life.

I think it’s essential that we stay involved. Ask about each others days, take part of each others lives, knowing what the other person is doing and always make time for calls and texts. Because when that stops is when we start drifting. Our lives becomes separated and what we have together turns out to be limited.


October is still far away and we have a long way to go. What happens then is still uncertain.

We need to have faith. We need to believe. And we can’t give up. We won’t give up. Hope is a strong feeling, and what keeps me going. I keep myself busy to make time go faster and it works.

I will keep hoping, keep fighting and keep believing that our future together is coming. And even on the hardest days there is nothing inside if me even willing to taste the thought of any other option.


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