Dancing joy

There is no doubt that my girls were born to dance. Dancing is their absolute favorite activity, and they would choose music videos over kids TV any day. Dance parties in my living room with their friends has come to be the new thing in the neighborhood.

Amelia loves the gracious moves with ballet, and freestyle it into funk. It’s truly amazing to see her creativity. Emine is more the “slow” one. The calm love songs, and of course “Let it go” from “Frozen”, is her style. She is wild in everything she does except for the dancing. She goes into her own little bubble, really feeling the music.

Currently they are both doing ballet and cheer dance. It’s their two favorite days of the week. They have been doing great and very soon it is time for them to do their upgrading exams. Luckily I’m a lot more nervous than them.


Music does something with you. Puts you in a certain state of mind, changes your mood, brings back memories, lets your thoughts fly freely. I’m happy that my girls found that. They sing, they dance, they truly enjoys the music.

Some may say it is too early to think of exams, too early to commit. I feel that as long as they are passionate about whether dance or something else, they should commit and they should give it all. And I should be there to support them, to encourage them and believe in them. No matter what they are passionate about. So I do.


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