Precious times

When we spend weeks away from each other regularly, the time we actually have together is absolutely precious. My love has just been here visiting, and I’m falling in love over and over again every single day. To be honest, I’ve felt like that every day since our very first kiss.

Unfortunately I was working most of the time, so the afternoons have been quite lazy. We had a fun night out with friends and a few lunches/dinners, but mainly we have spent our time together tired in the sofa. And that’s all I need.


My favorite spot in this world, my only true home, is under his arm. It’s the safest place I have ever known. I love the feeling of him stroking my hair or rubbing my back while I miss half of the movie because I fall in and out of sleep.

Sometimes I feel sad because the fact that he’s leaving is always in the back of my head. But every laugh, every morning we wake up together, every evening in the sofa, every precious moment together makes the wait worth it. I’m happy and grateful simply because he is here, because he loves me and the kids, and because we are lucky to have all these momente in between our distance and crazy lives.


To watch him wave from the other side of the security desk breaks me up every time, and next step is to find out next possible reunion. I cry a little in the car every time. I make sure he leaves something behind every time, so it takes longer before his smell fades away. I panick a little, thinking of how long it’s gonna be before the next kiss on my forehead.


And then I relax. I feel appreciation. I feel happy and I feel lucky. And I say to myself “Time is precious, we should be grateful for what we have and enjoy every moment”.


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