Get ready for Hot Summer Styles


What a crazy week! So many messages, notifications and questions as Brynja Nordfjord and Sammy Gold Banus are putting the last pieces together for “Hot Summer Styles” at Le Club Beach Club.

It´s a beautiful venue at the beach with huge sunbeds, food, drinks and a classy white style. Our team are building up a catwalk in the sand, and there will be competitions, photoshoots, models, fashion show etc.

All the sunbeds have been fully booked now, but don´t worry. This event is literally on the beach (and free) with easy access, so you are all more than welcome to join us.


With only four days to go to this fabulous event, I can feel my nerves shake a little. I´m no experienced model, I´m way to short for catwalks, and I have all the average flaws and worries like every other girl. To put myself out there like this is scary.

Yet I am excited. My beautiful daughters are gonna be there all dressed up with front row seats, I love the spotlight and Brynja is gonna make us all look absolutely fabulous while Sammy makes sure that every single person has the best day ever at the beach. I wish my other half could be there, but I know he is proud of me and supports me whether he is there or not.


Alfrun, Sarmite, Kamila, Dovile, Brynja and Hildur from the last photoshoot are also in the show, so is Ania Malys. They are all beautiful, big hearted girls. Everyone supports each other, stays positive and together we make a great team.

So now it´s all about getting ready. Making sure the hair is good, no broken nails, some squats and tanning, some sunshine booster drinks. Everything to absolutely nail it on Saturday. I can´t wait!

I will of course be posting some backstage teasers here in my blog during the show. In the meantime you can find more information about “Hot Summer Styles by Brynja Nordfjord” on Facebook, take a look at our sponsors Huna Gourmet and Hair&Beauty Lounge Fanabe, and GET READY for champagne showers and an amazing beach day!

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