Yes, I do believe all girls have a tendency of being shopaholic. At least those with a passion for shoes. You can ask me how many pairs I have, but I can guarantee you I don´t know the answer. I see shoes as I see a t-shirt, it´s a part of an outfit. You can never have enough (to my mother´s despair, as she can´t even fit her car in the garage anymore).

But it´s not only about shoes, I simply love shopping, whether it´s for my kids, for my boyfriend, for our home or for myself. Don´t get me wrong, I absolutely don´t go shopping every day. I pay my bills first, I buy everything we need, I save some and then I treat myself with what´s left. As long as you stay only partly shopaholic, there is nothing bad about it.

Luckily my girls love shopping as much as I do. I guess I won´t be saying luckily anymore when they grow up.

So today I took my little ones for a “quick” stop at the mall. Nobody can take a quick stop at the mall? There is so much to look at, so much I just have to have. So many funny people and so many shops you need to see twice before you can decide.

My oldest daughter is a real fashionista and can never get enough of shopping. We stopped for ice-cream, but she could barely finish before she wanted the next shop.


And she got taste! It took three different shops before she put together her perfect outfit. “The shoes will match my necklace at home perfectly”. So now she is ready for the big show this weekend, beyond excited to be VIP and watch mummy model.

I love dressing up my girls with nice clothes and shoes. To mix and match accessories, let them wear makeup and curl their hair. But as long as they can pretend being princess for a day, why not? As long as I can give them that once in a while, I will. What girl wouldn´t want to be princess for a day, right?


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