Beauty and Blessings

Every girl deserves a real girly day once in a while, right? A real beauty day to just relax and spoil yourself. Today has been one of those days.

With my girlies home for the day, we started it with a really nice breakfast before we crawled up with blankets and pillows all over the floor to watch Disney movies in our pyjamas. I have loved Disney all my life and obviously passed it on to my own little ones.

But a full day off pretty much doesn´t exist in my world. The girlies needed air and I needed studying, so we ended up by the pool. Tan done, work done, exhausting the kids done, all at once.

After making pizza, dressing up my girlies like princesses and yet another Disney movie we went off to our favourite hairdresser, Cristina. My girls love her and can play there for hours without complaining.


I´m wondering if I might be raising a little photographer. Amelia loves taking pictures of absolutely everything, and to be honest, I think she´s getting really good at it. She took this one on our way to the car earlier and I think it´s impressive for a 5-year old!


Three hours later we are all done with hair and nails. And I really love my new hair! You all know how relaxing beauty days are, they completely exhaust you, but in the nice cozy way. So now I´m crawling up again, letting the rest of my housewife duties wait and just relax with a movie.

“Forget the day´s troubles, remember the days blessings”



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