Fashion show

As many of you know, Brynja Nordfjord and Sammy Gold Banus arranged a big fashion show at beautiful Le Club Beach Club here in Tenerife this weekend.

We started off the day with hair and makeup before we all left for the beach. We spent a lot of time in the dressing room to prepare, giggle, drink champagne and discuss our nerves. We were all excited, tripping on our toes more than ready to go, taking pictures and practising our walk.

You think backstage is glamorous? You are not alone, most people do. Actually it´s not very glamorous. Yes, we have champagne, makeup artists, hair dressers, nice clothes, champagne and people doing what we ask. But! There is a LOT of waiting, not so fancy and quite tiring, to be honest.

I´ve had a lot of questions about pictures! We are still waiting for editing and the release of the official photos, so while waiting, here you have my private photos (because I can´t wait any longer to share).





As you can see we all enjoyed it! We were dancing, laughing, posing and just having fun. We had live singers with us, and a huge amazing audience.

After the big show we had a few photoshoots to attend to at the beach. Some for Moet Chandon, some for our own photographer Matthew Smith, and I think we all lost a little bit track in the middle of the flashlight. Kids were coming to join us and it was cameras everywhere. We are lucky if we got any photos with everybody focusing on one camera.

The show itself went great, it was fabulous, just like Brynja wanted. I believe all photographers were happy as well, at least that is what I´ve heard. Now I´m just super excited to see the results and can´t wait for next time!



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