Every day fun

Every day life is busy. With several jobs, kids in school, after school activities and studies it can be difficult to maintain my social life and find the time to have some fun.

My girl did amazing at her spelling test today and me and my lovely friend Emma haven’t been out for ages. With all of us exhausted after a long day, we decided we still have to do something. Simple choice, everybody needs food!

So late lunch it was. In one of my favorite restaurants on this island, Chill Out in Los Cristianos. Nobody makes better sandwiches.


We had a nice little walk, great food and lots of laughs catching up.

I think it’s important not to get lost in the busy days. All I wanted to do this afternoon was to go home and chill on the sofa. What I should be doing is catching up on my studies. But we still need some fun. Every working day can’t be all about what we should do or being lazy.

I’m grateful for today. Tired and exhausted, but happy. My little girls enjoyed their afternoon to the fullest and we managed to sneak in some new valuable memories on a day that could be just work/school, simple dinner and a movie.


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