Photo passion

I have always had a passion for creativity. The feeling of creating something, something that is only mine. Drawing, painting, needlework, modelling and so on. Taking pictures is one of those creative expressions I like.

A few (many) years ago I lived in Sweden studying media. Fun times and fun stories, I’m sure I will share some of them eventually. The point is that during my time in Sweden, photo was a big part of it and it opened up my eye for creating pictures.

Unfortunately I feel now that I didn’t make the most of it. I had all the equipment available, amazing teachers to develop my skills. Yet my mind was more set to have fun and enjoy life than to care to much about school. Yes, I learned a lot and yes, I got great results. I still wish I had put a little more time and effort in learning more when I had the opportunity.

I still have a passion for photography and love being both in front of and behind the camera. It’s a little on and off. I get an idea, I go through with it and then I put my camera away again for a while.

Earlier this year my brother woke up this passion again after a long time without it. He needed some pictures done of the music shop he works in. Basically they wanted photos of the store itself, but as soon as I arrived I saw the potential.

I have always had an eye for the details, and I love putting my own twist in the pictures. Here is some of my results with very simple editing.

Before this shoot, my camera was packed down and left behind in Norway. As I said, my passion woke up again and I have finally brought my camera here.

Very soon I will go out, find some nice objects to shoot and enjoy it again. My only lack is time! In the meantime some ideas are rumbling around in my head.




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