It’s not very often I’m overjoyed because it’s weekend. Through my career the weekend has usually been the most busy. I’m obviously not saying nothing is going on this weekend, I don’t think I will ever be able to say that.

But this week has been very long! Long days at my daytime job, lots going on. I have also been trying to sort out some paperwork. In addition to this my little girls have a lot going on, and to top it all my social media world is going beyond crazy. Which I’m happy for, as my goal with this blog is to make it big.


Today has been very practical. A lot of planning going on, lots of great news are ticking in regularly (no, I’m not gonna share any of them yet), done some logistics and studied. I’ve also been thinking about what all of you want to know, read about and so on. I have a blog calendar, but any requests are welcome.

So now I’m very much weekend happy! Right now my youngest princess is already in bed while the other one is chilling in my lap watching Netflix. And I just enjoy. We had a nice afternoon with ice cream and strawberries, and I’m gonna continue with a tasty glass and more strawberries very soon.


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I know I will.


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