Pyjamas party

My oldest princess asked (read begged) for a sleepover party with her friends. I thought to myself “why not”? At the time I was convinced there was only four girls left in her class, so I suggested to invite them. She was super excited!

With invitations written and the parents informed I asked the school for the list of names to make sure I spelled them right. I was in for a surprise, not four, but six girls! Well, I promised.

So today we spent doing the last preparations. Balloons, food, masks and of course some other shopping.

My bestie Emma has of course been with us, and very helpful!

It has been a very girly night with Disney movies, doing pretend photoshoots, eating lots of sweets, dressing up and playing pretend.

One of the girls brought champagne (for kids of course) and they all think they’re partying for real getting “fizzy”.

We’re all having fun, although I’m starting to wonder how I’m gonna get all of them to sleep in their sugar high! Time will show, but this is truly one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.


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