Today has been the last day at work for a while. And believe me, it was a long one!

My little ones have been playing with their best friend all afternoon, a little sad to leave him as always.

I have somehow found the time to go shopping, doing the laundry, enptying the fridge, packing and tidying since I fished work. Our lovely neighbor came to say bye and cooked us dinner. Some spoiling in the middle of the chaos is never wrong. I don’t understand how I would be able to do that too.


I just finished packing! Anyone wanna guess how long we are away for?

Every time I’m going on a plane the weight is an issue. A big issue! You would think I should know how much 20kg feels like by now as I fly pretty much every month. But no! Still scared of checking it in.

Still have some stuff to do during the evening, and I’m sure i forgot something. Like always. I’m probably gonna wake up a few times in panick, completely convinced I overslept as well. Departure 6 am, so wish me luck! Can’t wait


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