Morning at 4.30, it’s not even human. I suck at waking up early and my entire life my mother has been calling to wake me no matter how early. Today was no different, she checked of course.

My little ones were super excited!

We had a long flight with no sleep, but it was definitely worth it.

People keep asking me how I dare to travel alone with them. The answer is easy. The times they are behaving their best, no fighting, making no problems is on a plane. I often hear “I expected the worst when I saw kids sitting in front of me, but they were little angels”.
They are used to travelling. Ever since they were babies I have taken them around with me. As long as they have their blankets and tablets we’re all good.

Arriving at the airport turned in to a bit of a nightmare with no idea where to go and how to find our car. Everyone was tired, hungry and in need of toilets. Two hours later we found the place, but the car I booked was gone. This one is a good replacement, so we got a good ending.

And we found our way along the cost, travelling from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar. I’ve never been to Spain mainland before and it was breathtaking. Just amazingly beautiful. And at the end of the day I was finally back in the arms of this handsome guy.


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