Rainy day

Today we woke up to a grey sky and rain. What to do?

Semir had to go to work early, so we started off the day very lazy. Been watching Disney movies and playing cards inside, mostly staying under the blanket. Never knew Spain was this cold!



Staying inside the whole day with two little ones is like being in a cage with a hungry lion. You can’t survive.

After lots of googling, deciding and re-deciding (not sure if that’s even a word), a little nap and some lunch we finally got out of the house!

With the rain still pouring we needed some  indoor activities. A couple hundred meters from our house we found a bowling alley. Not really the best activity for kids that age.


Probably the lowest results ever gotten. But we had a lot of fun! And when we finished the rain was finally over and we could go for a little walk.


Another nice day in Lloret de Mar is over. Now we’re eating ice creams and getting ready for bed. Last day with my love for a while, a little sad of course! And tomorrow it’s back on the plane.


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