Goodbye Spain

We had a few nice day in little Lloret de Mar. A lot of rain and cloudy days, but we enjoyed it.

During the days I was exploring with my girls, making sure they didn’t get bored. During the nights I was lazy and and enjoying my loves company with series and takeaway.


I hate saying goodbye! My boyfriend and I just said we should be used to it by now, but I never will be completely.

With two tired little girls, the ride to the airport and the wait for the plane was long. I have to say I didn’t like Barcelona Airport very much. Dirty toilets, no cold drinks to find, too big and way to chaotic.


We barely got on the plane before the little ones were asleep. But that means I got a nice, relaxing flight.


Landing in Norway was a little nightmare this time. We landed half an hour late after circling because of traffic in the air. I wanted to do some shopping in the duty free, but the line was going out of the shop, so I had to give up. With all the luggage in place we were finally out.

The best part with coming to Norway is my little one seeing grandma. As soon as she sees her she starts screaming and running, catching the attention of everyone around. She jumps up in her arms and can’t stop screaming of joy. It’s simple love which makes everyone smile and laugh around.

We arrived late and are still a bit tired, but ready for a fun day inside with the heat from the fireplace while the rain is pouring outside.




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