Wenche bumped into my life almost ten years ago, and been my best friend in this entire world ever since. She has been there through all my ups and downs. Distance doesn’t matter, she’s always just a phone call away.

She is expecting a little boy this summer, and I’m incredibly happy for her and her boyfriend. I had the honor of being there and filming it when the test showed two lines. I’m pretty sure I felt the same joy they felt. I even have the pregnancy app running on my phone to make sure I don’t miss anything.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been planning a baby shower with her boyfriend and her friends.

She thought she was going to a barbecue with her family. Instead she came to a fully decorated party at her mothers house, beyond schocked that everyone was there.


Her mother made food for us all, we made a cake of diapers, everyone brought drinks and cakes, we had games and presents. Truly an amazing day!

We all shared so much through the years, and we had a nice trip down memory lane after years apart. Lots of tears, lots of emotions, lots of laughter and joy sums up the day.

Wenche, you’re gonna be an amazing mum and I’m so proud of you!

Photos by Caroline Prøven Brohaug –


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