Night out

Although it was a cold and rainy day yesterday, my girls got some playtime outside. That gave lots of laundry and tired kids, so the rest of the day was spent inside with different activities.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been out in Norway. Every time I go here it’s usually for a short time and because I have stuff to do. I always try to visit my closest friends, but never get through them all

This time is different! Yes, I’m still bery busy and have a lot I have to do while I’m here, but I’m really gonna make the time to catch up. 

Yesterday an old friend of mine took me to one of the two bars in town. I was a little skeptical and not sure if I really wanted to see people I knew or not. We agreed that depended on who it is and that I could always go home.

The truth is that I really enjoyed! I met friends I haven’t seen in years, some even as much as 10 years. It was really fun catching up, hearing where people are in life, what they accomplished for themselves. It’s weird how easy it is to drift apart and to lose contact over the years. We should all get better at staying in touch.

So to all of you lovely people I see not nearly enough: Thanks for giving me a great night out!


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