Busy days

The last couple of days has been the kind of days where I’ve been trying to fit in everything I have to do before going back home. Although I left Norway a long time ago, it’s still a lot of legal stuff to handle, tax reports and all that.

I finished most of it yesterday, while today was about the kids, vaccines, dentists and copying paperwork for the new school year.


Our morning started cold! I was terrified to drive my brothers car with his summer tires. Luckily the roads didn’t look like this. In between all our “duties” and appointments we found time for some fun in the sun.


After a long day I dropped off my girls with their father for a sleepover. With a night without the girls, my mum, my brother and I decided to go out for a nice dinner.

Exhausted, but happy to finally have some sun, I’m ready for a game night with my brother!



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