This week has been crazy! Head of marketing in Avalon (the company I work for) is here to give me some personal training. It’s long days, but God I learn a lot! That man is priceless.

It’s been a bit of a puzzle to work out my little girls, their activities, my job and my activities, but luckily I have good help. I love the hectic days, the stress and the puzzles. It makes time fly, and that’s what I need right now.

Because I feel like I’ve been a very good girl this week I took my little ones shopping. And of course my little princess Amelia was ready with the camera at all times.

I got a lot of nice stuff for both myself and my little ones, although I have to admit I forgot what I needed.

With only two weeks left for exams I’m jumping into my pyjamas and burying myself in my books for the night.

Btw! Pictures from one of the photoshoots are ticking in as I’m writing. Photo bomb to be dropped tomorrow!


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