Birthday party

My beautiful friend Brynja turned 30! Happy happy birthday!

All the girls gathered yesterday for the big celebration. We started at our favorite beach club Le Club with champagne and lunch.

Afterwords we all went home to get ready for the big night in Papagayo.

Only the best is good enough.

You know how there’s always drama and gossiping in groups of girls? Well not in this one! We all come from different countries, different lives. I don’t understand how we all ended up together, but we have turned out to be a great group of girls.

Me and Alfrun stuck together as always, going on our spontaneous adventures. We always come up with some crazy stories and end up bailing the party, finding something to eat and get caught up laughing out in the streets.

It was a great celebration. Unfortunately I was sick and didn’t stay out very long. Hope I didn’t miss out on too much!

Although I didn’t drink I’m pretty sure I feel worse than I would of a hangover! Yes, I feel very sorry for myself and have spent the day in pyjamas under my blanket with tissues and coughing sirup.


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