My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday! My last year in my twenties is on. My very first birthday wish came from my boyfriend at midnight. A very nice rhyme only he could come up with.

My day started with the little ones waking me up with the birthday song and presents they went to buy themselves (with some help).

Still filled with flu we had to stay home. I only left the house to get medicine and spent the rest of the day coloring in my new book (thanks Emma!) and watching Disney.

I was going in waves. From full of energy and good mood in one moment to completely knocked out the next. Our neighbors dropped off homemade cookies and some juice to get me better, another went grocery shopping for us and all my friends were calling and texting. I’m lucky to have all of you in my life.

I only had one wish for my birthday this year. All I wanted was my boyfriend, but unfortunately we couldn’t be together. I was a bit sentimental and sad to not have him with me yesterday, but he will make it up to me!


I want to thank everyone for all the attention and help yesterday, you are all lovely people. I’m still not well, but getting there.



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