National Day

May 17th is a very special day for all norwegians.

Back in 1814 the men gathered in Eidsvoll and made our constitution law. And after the second world war in 1945 Norway was finally free. The people celebrated in the streets with flags and cheering. Since then it has been a tradition. We do it every year no matter what country we’re in.


The citizens are looking sideways at us. I’ve heard them say such as “the vikings are taking over”. I think they find it a bit funny and don’t really understand it. I don’t know any other country celebrating like this.

We started the afternoon by meeting up outside Sjømannskirken (the scandinavian church). Everyone was dressed up nicely and we all act like we know each other. The mood of the norwegian people and how we open up to each other on this day is truly amazing. All of the sudden we are a community even if we never met before.

We walked as a group with our own little orchestra waving our flags, singing our songs, blowing our flutes and cheering in the streets.

We are celebrating our constitution, our freedom and our country. It’s amazing, don’t you agree?

After the parade we all went to the church. The priest, Åge Løsnesløkken, did as tradition says and held a funny speach about our history and freedom. We had games, cakes, ice creams. The vice-consul Toril Wullf spoke and kindly talked to everyone in the norwegian community. A fantastic lady and person for us to contact while spending time here.

A fantastic day, a fantastic country and a whole bunch of fantastic people!

Some say we’re crazy, some doesn’t understand, some envy us for our unity, some laugh at us, but we’re proud of it all.

I want to thank the vice-consul and the danish photographer Carstein W.Lauritzen for giving me the pictures for this post.


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