To be honest, I never really liked kids. Still don’t actually, with a few exceptions. But I love being a mother, even though it’s crazy! It’s complete chaos in every situation.

I’m a very spontaneous person, so the planning was the biggest change in my life. It still is. I’m still spontaneous, but at a completely different level. And now that my boyfriend is away for the summer I’m really getting the taste of life as a single mother and the puzzle of the daily hours is a bigger challenge.

People talk about all the sacrifices, that you have to grow up and can’t do whatever you want or be whatever you want anymore. I have never seen it that way. Yes, it’s more difficult to jump on a plane and just go somewhere, go out late at night or just say yes to an extra hour at work.

But I still feel like me and I still feel free, even more than before I had my little girls. I can still go out once in a while, I still do what I want, but I think what I want in life changed with their lives.

For example, I stopped drinking when I had them. I can still have a glass or two, but I haven’t been drunk even once since my birthday 7 years ago. Not because I see it as wrong to get drunk when you have kids or because I don’t want the hangover with them the next day. I simply don’t see the joy in it anymore. I still love to go out and dance through the night, but I can do that sober.

Sometimes I think people are overthinking. It’s too much pressure, too high expectations. The most important for me is that my girls are happy. And in order to be happy they need the basics (food, clothes, education etc), they need love and confirmation, but they also need to know what’s right and wrong, rules and limits every day. And I think I’m doing good!

I believe manners, moral and compassion are the most valuable characteristics in people and we should all have more of it. And I try to teach mine that.

I have two very polite, helpful and respectful little girls. Of course they have their outbursts, bad days and are testing limits, but they know right from wrong and at the end of the day that’s what’s important. The fact that they say “sorry” without being told to, says more about their moral than calling someone “stupid” during an argument.


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