I love interior, and have to have it nice around me. Without I can’t relax. Back in Norway I have refurbished a couple of houses. I easily see solutions for how to change pretty much anything into what I like.

After moving here to Tenerife it’s been very different. All houses are rented out with furnitures, for a short time and it’s not allowed to change anything. Everything has felt temporary. Every time we buy something we think “what do we do with it if we move?”.

Now we got great news! We get to keep our apartment for as long as we want. Of course I went straight to ikea.com and making the first step of changes in our home, upgrading it to be more my style.


This used to be out livingroom with very empty walls and little personality. Here is the new look:


I had fun in the process and proved to myself that I’m very handy when I don’t have a man to do the dirty work for me. Seeing solutions, both simple and complicated is so much fun!

There is still some more changes to come, but it definitely feels like home now.



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