Hospital experience

Ok. Imagine being sick, stuck in the hospital with two little ones, not having time for that and not being prepared? Hey, that’s me!

As most of you know I had the flu last week. Then my daugther got it. Unfortunately it spread down the lungs, leaving me with pneumonia and my daughter with a lung infection.

Luckily, the hospital let me go home to pack some things and pick up my other daughter before getting stuck to cables and masks for three days.


We have been through this before, so I know perfectly well how the hospital works. So here is a few steps to survive (obviously not if you’re too sick) being stuck.

1: Pack comfortable clothes! You’re most likely stuck in bed with intravenous, so it’s a good idea to bring short sleeved tops. Remember flip flops!

2: You’re gonna be bored half to death if you still have energy. Books and a laptop is priceless!

3: Ever tried hospital food? My advice, DON’T. It’s disgusting. Bread and nutella will get you far, but some snacks will make it even better.

4: The hospital provides shampoo and all other hygiene material you need. Except for a toothbrush and deodorant. I for one can’t live without my toothbrush.

5: Hospitals have a habit of making you feel worse. Maybe not physically, but you feel lazy, feel that you look like shit and smell like shit. So, yes! I bother bringing makeup. Makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

6: Relax! All you want to do is go home, but make the most of the time you get and embrace it. As soon as you’re home, you don’t have time anymore.

Keep in mind that nobody knows how long you have to stay. A lot can happen, you might get reactions to the drugs, they might not work on you as expected and so on. I rather bring too much than too little.

My problem (other than being sick of course) was being alone. With one daughter also sick and stuck in bed, and one completely healthy it was difficult and didn’t give me the rest I needed. We also got different medications through the nights, so sleeping was an issue.

The staff was amazing and very helpful. Since we’ve been there before we already knew much of the staff working with us. That helped a lot!

I wanna thank everybody who visited us, who helped us and for all the little gifts. It lifted our days!

Now we’re happy to be home! We’re still feeling rough, still doing medicine cocktails and still in need for a lot of rest. But damn, it’s good to be home. The best is actually to be able to eat and drink what I want when I want.


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