Animal rescue

I have always loved animals, probably a little above average. I’ve had pets my whole life and I find them calming.

Back in Norway we’re not used to street dogs or wild cats. We buy by the brand, a clean breed. There is nothing wrong about that.

Here in Tenerife it’s very different. There’s not many street dogs to see in the touristic areas, but not because there aren’t homeless animals. I will say it’s thanks to all the refugee organizations. There are so many different organizations and they do everything for the animals.

Another great thing here is that it seems more natural to people to rescue a homeless animal, than to buy a puppy/kitten. Most organizations don’t just give away the animals, it’s usually some kind of fee. I think it shows a lot of good hearted people.

When we first came here we adopted a cat from one of these organizations. We could have gotten one for free anywhere, but I wanted to give the refugees a chance. Unfortunately the cat died after about a year. My girls were devastated and there was no doubt in getting another one.

There was also no doubt in taking a new refugee from one of the organizations. This time a very small kitten. She’s now about 4 months old and well settled with us.

Since we finally have a permanent living situation here and got permission to get a dog, we decided to give it a go. I wanted to get a puppy to train and becides, who doesn’t want a cute little puppy?

And then I saw Chucky. A french bulldog, 8 years old with heart worm and uncertain to survive. Friends and family are asking what on earth I’m thinking. Why get an old dog that might die within weeks whilst having two kids?


Look at him?! Could you say no?

He might not survive, but he’s a friendly and loving dog who deserves a chance. Even if it might be a short “rest of his life” we’re gonna make sure he gets the beat for however long that is.

He is calm, well raised and so good with kids. No matter what my girls are doing, he follows. He sleeps with them, watches movies with them, goes to the park with them and plays with them. We couldn’t ask for a better dog.


I think it’s important that my girls learn that everyone deserves a chance, human or animal, old or young. They should also get a healthy look on death. When their cat died I told the full truth. Now they are aware of Chucky’s state, they know he might not survive. But they will love him for as long as he lives. They will cry when he’s gone, but they will always know that they did good and gave him a chance and a good end.

I think this is something everyone should learn from. My daughters had a choice, they could choose a puppy instead. They knew all the facts and they still wanted to give him a chance. If two little girls can think like that, can you?



4 thoughts on “Animal rescue

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