Simple beauty – photo weekend

Tenerife is a truly beautiful island, and you don´t need to go far to find mind-blowing views. During the weekend we went for a few short walks. Although I´m still sick and full of drugs, I need air as well as my dog. I decided to bring my camera and share some of my neighbourhood with you.

It´s amazing that all of this is just around my house, literally just walking around the block. Have you ever discovered something close to you that has been there all along, and you just didn´t see it? I feel like that happens to me all the time here.

I have a bad habit of taking my surroundings a little bit for granted. Like going to the beach or the pool, I always think “nah, I can do that tomorrow” although I should appreciate it and do it as often as I have the chance.

It´s the same with the environment. When I go for a walk, I just go for a walk. I don´t really notice the beauty around me. Except when I bring my camera. I don´t know how many times I have walked passed these exact objects without noticing them.

From now on I have decided to bring my camera as much as I possibly can and capture the beauty around me. You never know when you have the opportunity, so catch it when you can!


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