Reality knockout 

Everyone has rough days sometimes, obviously. Last week was spent in the hospital and yesterday it was back to work and school. I was excited about it, but in for a surprise.

Going back to reality knocked me out big  time! I feel horrible, I have no energy or motivation and just want to stay in bed.

I go in waves, and when I go down it goes quickly. By the time I finished my day at work I was so exhausted that I was wondering how to even get to my car. I couldn’t bare the thought of everything waiting at home. Walk the dog, get the kids, cook dinner, clean up, take my girls to dance class, get everyone ready for bed, walk the dog again, work on the blog, the list goes on.

I don’t have time to be sick. I can’t skip work. I can’t fail my kids. Nothing on my to do list is optional, it’s simply what I have to do.

So how to get through this alone?

*Plan the day! Plan breaks to catch your breath. A break will also give you a fresh start

*Treat yourself! If you have a tight schedule, tell yourself that “when this is done I will have a coffee break”. Or a chocolate, a cigarette or whatever motivates you

*Laugh! During a rough day it’s hard, but if you look closer you will find something funny

*Eat! Food helps with everything

*Motivate yourself! Tell yourself it’s temporary, and that tomorrow will be different

*Move! When I feel bad I don’t wanna leave the house or even the sofa. But I find that just a short walk and some fresh air gives me a boost

*Vitamins! It helps with sickness, energy, sleep and pretty much run your body. I wouldn’t survive without my chewing ones from The Sunshine Empire!

*Ask for help! No matter if I’m sick or just in a bad mood there is one thing that helps every time: To call my boyfriend! Some compassion and sympathy is miracle medicine

We all have different ways to get through hard times whether it’s physical or psychological. But we get through it one way or another.

I’m exhausted and I feel sick, and now I have just gotten my boost from my boyfriend, had a chocolate and are gonna treat myself with an hour of TV before bedtime. Then I’m gonna tell myself that tomorrow is a new day and it’s gonna be better than this one.


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