A perfect weekend

Well, a lot happened last week. I thought I went back to reality, but got thrown right back to bed after seeing my doctor with orders to stay there.

After lots of new medicine I’m still sleeping most of the day, but as you all know, relaxing is not really my strongest side. This weekend I’ve let the house be as it is, everything can wait. I just wanted to spend my energy with my girls.


Yesterday we went to a birthday pool party with all their friends. I love the birthday parties here. All the parents gets some time together and they all do it big, so the kids really get to enjoy themselves!

Today we started with a walk to the park with Amelias boyfriend Nicholas. He’s a lovely boy and it’s always nice to have him with us.

While Chucky and I were chilling in the shades watching the view, the kids enjoyed ice creams and used up their energy sliding and running around. As usual Amelia and Nicholas went to church after.

Nicholas mother is just as lovely as he is and I can’t thank her enough for how helpful she is. She never says no to doing a favor, and ahe always knows when I need a break. Today was no different. After lunch she took my girls for a couple of hours so I could get my rest. I can’t believe how much it is possible to sleep!

A lovely weekend with fun, friends, play and parties ended with cake and some exercise in the pool.


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