Exploring the wildlife

My kids love exploring, probably like every other child. Today we decided to take Chucky with us to look for lizards around the neighborhood.

Personally I think the lizards are disgusting! They’re not tiny ones like in Norway, but big and fat. And they are everywhere.

With a dog and two noisy girls the lizards are long gone before we even get anywhere near them. Luckily for me. But some of them are too used to humans! This one was just chilling on the wall.


My girls weren’t ready to give up before they found a bunch of them. Fortunately I knew a good spot where there’s usually lots of them chilling on the rocks in the sun. But unfortunately they are too fast to get a decent photograph.

The excitement and nervous state of mind when they are sneaking around whispering not to scare them is priceless. A simple duty, to take the dog out after dinner to let him do what he needs, can so easily be turned into something special. Memories they will talk about for a long time. A fun and exciting afternoon just by walking in the neighborhood.

A small reminder of the little things. The cheap, yet so valuable joys of small details on a long day. For a moment we are in another place, out of the average and just appreciating. We should all make time for quality time like this more often.


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