Monkey business

This weekend started off great! I was off yesterday and decided to let my girls stay home from school to go with me to the veterinarian. Afterwords we went to the beach with some friends and have our snack there.

I simply love how easy life is here. Everything is always chill and there’s always something to do. We never have to worry about the weather.

Today my friend Nozomi and me decided to surprise our kids with a trip to the Monkey Park. They had no idea and were actually getting a bit upset and disappointed before they saw the signs. We have been there so many times, but we never get tired of it. It’s the perfect size, a cheap price and so much fun.


We went early in the morning to make sure the monkeys were still hungry. In some of the cages you can go in and pet and feed them. They eat from your hand and follow you around. Some cages have fences around and some are completely covered with glass walls because the monkeys are too dangerous. Imagine the excitement for the kids?

There is also alligators, turtles, birds, gunny pigs, snakes and lizards in all kind of shapes and sizes. We had a lovely time!

After playing around with the monkeys and seeing most of the park twice, it was lunch time. We decided to go for Burger King and some play time in Siam Mall.

Our kids are best friends. They play together every single day! It’s almost easier to have all three of them than having them separate. If they could choose, they would never be apart. So small people with such big love!



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