The Dance Academy

Here in Tenerife we are lucky to have Miss Elisabeth Nicoll to run Tenerife Dance Academy. My little girls started almost a year ago, first with ballet, later with cheer.


In December they arranged a great Christmas show. My youngest was still too small, but after memorising the rutine, she was allowed to join.

These last few days the dance academy have arranged exams for all the different dance classes; acro, cheer, ballet, tap etc. I saw the opportunity to play with my camera.



I have been asking my girls for days if they are nervous, if they remember everything, if they want to practise. They look at me as if I´m stupid. I have been way more stressed out about this than them. Will they remember? How serious is this? Are the shoes clean and shiny? Is the hair bun perfect? Did I forget anything? I guess you could say I´m a bit of a perfectionist.

All the girls did amazing! They looked so beautiful in their outfits and their buns. Everyone was super excited, although I think us parents was the most. I even got a bit emotional and could feel the mama proudness flowing wildly.

I want to thank Miss Elisa not only for the great job she is doing in the community with her dance school, but also for everything she has given both mine and other kids. You are an amazing person which we truly appreciate. You are bringing so much joy, happiness, knowledge, fun, exercise and experience into our every day life. You make my girls feel special and confident, and that means more than you know. So thank you!



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