School ended – On to the new

I love to learn new things, no matter what it is. This school year I have to say has been one of the most interesting ones. I have learned so much and I hope I one day get to use all that knowledge. I’m also hoping to continue after the summer.


As most of you know, nothing happening is not my style! I need action, I need to be busy. I said to my boyfriend yesterday “how am I ever gonna handle life when everything is completely settled”? I’m used to nothing ever being settled.

So while waiting for summer to finish (yes, I said it! I’m waiting for it to be over), I’m jumping into some new knowledge.

It’s embarrassing, I know, but I still don’t speak any Spanish whatsoever after almost two years in Spain. This summer I’m gonna work real hard to change that and started this week with a little bit of studying every day.

I’m not stopping there. I have a passion for beauty, skin, makeup, how to make the best of myself and others. So now I’m learning all about it! Different skin types, skin colors, skin problems. Treatments for eyes, for skin, for all body issues. About makeup and everything that comes with it. I learn about all kind of products you could possibly need and how to see the individual needs.

I learn about the Dead Sea, about nature, minerals, vitamins and everything your body contains and needs. To top it all, I also learn to perform all kind of treatments. All by Premier!


So feel free to ask for any advise, after this summer I will have an answer for anything. And if you want any kind of treatment, come find me in Tenerife cause I need people to practice on for free!


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