Love conquers all?

I have an amazing boyfriend. His name is Semir and he blew my mind almost two years ago and has kept on doing that ever since. We have had a great year together in sunny Tenerife with so much fun, experiences, laughter, joy and pure simple love.

Then everything changed. He was sent to mainland to work for the summer while me and the kids stayed here. Since January we have only had a few days together here and there. Precious days.


I have days where I think I have gotten used to this. Used to being apart, and without doubts. Days when I believe in the bottom of my heart that our love can conquer absolutely anything.

And I have days with the complete opposite when I wonder how we’re gonna get through this, if I really can trust him, if he truly loves me like I love him. Days when I’m angry with him for absolutely no reason other than that he’s not here. Angry because I agreed to this, angry at his job, angry at everyone and everything. On those days I turn into one of those women that Kevin Hart talks about. The kind that makes up stories in her head, answering her own questions with craziness. Those are hard days, but luckily rare. I know I drive him a bit crazy on those days, but it passes quickly.

Today is sort of in the middle. I’m not angry, just a bit sad. I miss my boyfriend, it’s that simple. I just have all kind of crazy reactions of it.

But there is one thing I never doubt or question. My love for him. Pure, simple, unconditional love. All the hard days are worth it in the end, because I still have that to hold on to.

It’s been nearly two months apart now. Long, but fast at the same time. The next visit is not determined yet, but it’s gonna be soon!

And to you my love: I’m sorry for the bad days. I don’t doubt you, I just miss you. You are my rock, my king, my everything. I love you endlessly.

Our love will conquer all.


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