Valle de San Lorenzo

Tenerife has so much to offer and we never run out of places to explore.

While yesterday was a chill day by the pool, today has been full of activities!


We met the lovely Cox family at Kids land. Lots of fun and activity for the kids, nice and chill for the parents.

It’s been a hot summer day. If you have driven a car on a holiday destination you know that a day like that means no parking anywhere close to any kind of water. So with the heat our lunch plans by the beach flushed away quickly.

There is one place you won’t find the sun seeking holiday makers. On the warm days the mountains are the place to be! It’s a short drive, but you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, barely in the same island.


In the beautiful village Valle de San Lorenzo we found a nice little place called Dolcetto. Full of locals, empty of tourists, great staff and the most amazing view.


When you have kids you always look for a child friendly place. A little play area or something to keep them busy. This place was perfect! A huge play area outside where the kids could slide, swing and play around while we could enjoy a drink watching them from the shades.

I can’t remember my kids ever being as dirty as when this play day was over.



I love these kind of days. Happy kids with all their energy gone, good company and a chill day outside. We are so lucky to be here with beautiful weather every day and so many possibilities that it’s difficult to decide where to start.

We are ready for a new week to come!


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