Magic is in the air

Tonight it is the midsummer San Juan Bautista festival in Tenerife.

This night is the shortest night of the year and in many cultures it’s believed to be a magical night. Mythology states that anything can happen on this night and some believe certain Gods make themselves visible.

It’s a common tradition to give thanks and prepare for harder seasons to come. But San Juan is also about changes. It is about day and night, fire and water. Fire purifies and water recuperates, refreshes and rejuvenates.

Bonfires are the symbol of the celebration and people around the world come together to build and light up the fires. Here in Tenerife you can find bonfires on most beaches with fireworks and big parties.

Unfortunately we can’t attend the actual celebration this year, so we decided to do our own.

Big screen TV and YouTube saved us. We put a bonfire all over the wall, played music for the whole neighborhood, made some nice food and drinks and had friends over.


It wasn’t really the same, but a lot of fun! Why not make the beat of it, right?

I know some people believe that if they jump over the bonfire three times, they will be cleansed and purified and all their problems burnt away. If you are gonna give it a try, be careful!

Enjoy this magical night to the fullest, I’m gonna enjoy the fireworks from my balcony.



2 thoughts on “Magic is in the air

  1. Nice! Here in Mexico we don’t celebrate midsummer, but on the feast day of St John, on June 24th, there are street fairs and festivities in honor of the saint. I bet the festivities on the beach are awesome, specially because this year there was a full moon!
    -Fabi at My Heart Of Mexico


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