3% Español

I said a little while ago that it was time for the new. I’m working hard on that and gaining a lot.

My knowledge within makeup and skincare are growing faster than I could imagine. I’m learning fast and it turns out I’m good at it too. Probably because I already have a genuine interest for all of it.

As you also know, I’m trying to learn Spanish as well. I have set a goal for myself. From now until September I’m really gonna work hard to learn Spanish. Not only learn it, but use it! Not being able to even have a short conversation is quite embarrassing. So by the end of the summer my goal is to be able to communicate in Spanish.

I find it difficult to learn new languages. Maybe because of the lack of genuine interest. Now I’m working every night with the Duolingo app and every day I’m trying to answer everyone with the few words I have. I guess I’m lucky to have a lot of Spanish speakers around me.

Today my app told me that “You’re now 3% fluent in Spanish”. I bursted out laughing. For several reasons. First the word “fluent”. There’s nothing fluent about my Spanish whatsoever! And then “3%”. I mean, what is that? If I can say 3% of a sentence, where is thay gonna get me? It was also funny that I was so happy about myself for 3% only. And quite funny that I’m sitting here alone talking to my phone. To top it I can’t help laugh at myself for laughing so uncontrollably at the whole thing. Well, nobody can say I can’t entertain myself!


Ok, done laughing. I need to speed up! With this speed my app is gonna tell me I’m close to 100% in time, but that’s just speaking to my phone. I’m welcoming any advice to take my Spanish further.

I’m still laughing! I think it’s bedtime.



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