Schools out

Summer holiday is officially here! I was hoping to sleep in, but why waste the day? Hello sunrise!

I started my holiday with a brand new tattoo. I have quite a few already, and all of them made by the same tattoo artist in Turkey. It was a bit scary to try a new one, but Franco was great! Check out his work on Facebook.


All of my tattoos have meanings. Today I got the world map. Simply because of the international history and future my family has.

My girls were invited to a sleepover party at their friends, so for the first time in forever I actually had a day to myself.

As much as I love lazy days with my girls, a day to myself is priceless. I’ve spent the day with lunch, shopping, drinks and fun with my lovely friend from Sweden. It’s a bit weird how us Scandinaviens automatically get drawn to each other.

We weren’t aware when we decided to go to Siam Mall, but when we cars parked all the way along the road, we realized that this is the day the sales start. We spent four hours in the mall!

Me and Denise had planned a quick stop there before going out tonight. But after four hours of walking in the shops we decided that an ice cream would have to do. Some new cozy clothes in the bag, a blanket and the sofa tempted more than rocking the dance floor!


At the ice cream shop I made a new discovery. Sorbet drinks! Lemon, pineapple and mango. This must really be the best thing I have ever tasted in my life!

I’m full and tired, but damn, what a great day! Now I will take a walk with my little Chucky and have a very nice and quiet evening to myself.


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