Sunday every day

The summer holiday always makes me feel like it’s Sunday every day. Unfortunately the weather is not on our side and entertaining the kids inside can be a challenge!

But we managed to fill the weekend with fun. My girls spent a few hours with friends, while I was with Kamila getting my mermaid nails.


She is amazing! If you’re in Tenerife, go find her in Salona Hair & Beauty in Las Americas.

Next stop was Gecoland in Las Chafiras. It’s perfect for rainy days. A big area for the kids to get out their energy, and a nice sofa area for the parents to relax with a coffee and a view.

We have been watching Disney, walking the dog, making bracelets and pictures. We have been up late, played with dogs, eating McDonalds and danced. We have eaten icecreams, been cooking and cleaning. It’s been a fun weekend.

I think it’s important for the kids to learn that not everything is being done for them, and that they need to help. And now that they are home all day, they have time. They have been very good putting their clothes away, helping me cook, cleaning their room and helping out at home.┬áToday they are rewarded with dance camp!

I like the Sunday every day feeling. Just relaxing, having fun and time to play with the girls, walking around in pyjamas and not look at the time.

What do you do to entertain your kids or yourself during a rainy holiday?






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