So, yesterday was the big day I have been waiting for for weeks! Finally it was time to go to mainland and see my boyfriend after two months apart.


It was a long day. My kids were impatient and I was stressing with packing, delivering our dog and getting ready.


At the airport and on the plane, my girls are angels! They are so good with travelling, and easy to take with me wherever whenever. They think it’s exciting with the planes and interesting to talk to people everywhere.

We landed late, but the girls were far from tired. Over excited to see Semir again it was lots of hugs and kisses before we finally got them to bed. It’s weird to have so much time apart, and I just couldn’t stop staring at him last night. Just thinking “how did I get so lucky”.

Unfortunately he has too much work, as usual, so we don’t get much time together. We have the nights, but that’s so much better than being apart, so I’m not complaining. Now we are just excited to be here and ready to enjoy our holiday. Lloret de Mar, it’s nice to see you again!


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