Holiday ended a week ago and I got the whole last day with my boyfriend at the beach. This time it was really hard leaving him! I keep asking myself why on earth we decided to do the summer like this, although I know it was the best option. I miss him so much and it’s been a rough week, mentally.

It’s just been happening so much since we came home with lots at work, my girls being on holiday, sick dog, missing cat and me feeling like this, that I decided to just take a break. I basically paused everything. I needed me-time. So I’ve spent the week with friends and with myself. Trying to put life a little in perspective.

I’m lucky that way. I always know what I need or what I have to do to change my mindset. I will share why and how with you some day. But when you feel lost, perspective is the only way.

No blog, no stress, no Spanish practise, no nothing unless I have to do it. And it helped. Now I feel motivated again. I see the end of the season and my boyfriend in the horizon, I have a plan A and B (a few extra too) and I’m ready for whatever comes next. As long as I have solutions to every possible problem, I’m good.

There is a lot coming, so follow my journey!



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