Family fun

Living halfway across the world from my family, we don’t see each other much. Luckily I have the best mum in the world, and she comes to visit us several times a year.


Now she has just left after two weeks here with us. My little girls have been ecstatic! She is spoiling them, sleeping with them, taking them everywhere and being incredibly patient with all their demands.

I got some mommy time too. Prawns and wine, funny nights on the balcony and playing our all time favorite PS game from my childhood.

We have celebrated Emines fourth birthday, we have been to shows and foam party.

We have visited half of the parks on the island (both for animals and others), eaten cakes and icecreams (and some decent food).

We have been to the beach both early and late, we have handcrafted and gone shopping.


These two weeks have been endless fun!

So thank you, mum. For always being just a phone call away, spending all your time on us, for being you, and mostly; thank you for being the best grandma possible for Amelia and Emine!



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