Healthy learning

I have made this a true learning summer. Spanish, health, skincare and so on. And I haven’t left my kids out of it either! Now I want to share my health knowledge with you!

Simple knowledge: Eat healthy, be healthy. A good health gives you better sleep, a nicer body, more energy, a natural glow, do I need to continue? We all know this, it’s more about the how.

What do YOU do for your health?

I’m lazy with my health, and I have no problem admitting that. I’m lucky because I can eat chocolate every day, drink cola with every meal and eat all the junk food I want without gaining a pound. The down part is that my skin doesn’t handle it as well as my weight. Neither does my energy. I was waking up every morning with my body feeling heavy, my skin was getting worse and my hair started breaking off. The worst has been my vitamin levels. They’re always far too low.

Ever felt the same?

Through my learning these last few months I have also had the pleasure of testing. I know what my body needs, I just haven’t given it to myself before. Now I have been on my vitamins long enough to say that yes, it is them changing my life!

My hair is getting better day by day. I wake up full of energy and need less sleep. My headaches and sore muscles are getting better. My skin is perfect, and I get comments on it nearly every day! I feel better and I look better.

Wether you need to lose weight, gain weight, tone up, get more energy or just feel healthier, I can help you!


I take two little capsules a day, a real fruit/vegetable bomb. And I’m so happy about these products that I have started my own team here in Tenerife.

If you want to learn more about this, have a plan designed for you or join my team with full training provided, please get in touch with me here!



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