The wait

Me and my boyfriends second anniversary is just around the corner. Last year I surprised him with a weekend off from work and without kids. We spent it at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Alabama, and was truly the best weekend ever!


The days were filled with nice dinners, chill hours in the sun, expensive champagne and just enjoying each others company.

We decided that it should be a tradition. Every year we shall go to a nice hotel and just be alone.

This year it’s a bit difficult. There is no way he will get a weekend off, so we’re postponing our little trip.

Yesterday I did however order flight tickets to visit him and spend almost two weeks with him! And with that we get to at least be together on our anniversary. With the summer we have had that might be just as good as any trip. He still needs to work, but at least we get some cozy nights watching movies, some dinners together, some new memories.

I’m already packed, the house is ready, the transport is ready, dogsitters are in place. Now it’s just the wait. The endless wait. At least that’s what it feels like.

I have learned how to be patient, how to fill my days and not miss him too much. But the second the tickets are in my hands it doesn’t work anymore. Seconds feels like hours, hours feels like days.

Two more sleeps! That’s all. I really can’t wait.



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