My adventurous life

Since I left Norway almost two years ago, my life has been quite an adventure. Almost like a fairytale.

Don’t get me wrong, my life has never been boring. I always have a thousand things to do, and whenever I’m ready to close one chapter I always have ten new to choose from. I’m spontaneous and restless and need to be fully occupied.

Back to Tenerife! My life changed in almost every way. For the first time I was truly happy. And happiness does something to you. It gives you a different kind of energy, a different perspective on your life and surroundings and makes you appreciate every detail on a whole different level.

It’s not the things making you happy. We have a lovely apartment with everything we need, living in the best weather in the world with summer all year. I’m spoilt with fancy clothes and expensive stuff I don’t really need. I go to nice restaurants, five star hotels and travel more than ever. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. But that’s not happiness. Happiness comes from within, and when you find that happiness, hold on to it, because that kind of happiness is what gives you everything else.

I’m incredibly lucky to have found this kind of happiness. This summer has been quite rough for me. It’s been so hard with long distance relationship and a lot of other things going on in my life. But I’ve been fighting my way through it all. I have found temporary motivation and joy the last few months, but right now everything is falling in to place.

You may think I’m just chilling on holiday, but if so you’re very wrong. I have spent the summer following my learning plan. I have made the exact progress I expected of myself. And I don’t stop there. Next week I’m starting a new bachelor degree. I have been working on a realistic plan for my future and now I’m just crazily excited to get started!


School is planned, holiday plans are in the making, and I’m working on so many secrets I can’t wait to share! If my life was adventurous these last couple of years, I can’t wait for the next. The future is mine, and I’m gonna make the very best of it.


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